Paula Abdul Says She’s Perfect For The X Factor

Paula Abdul Says She's Perfect For The X Factor

Paula Abdul has revealed that she is the perfect person to be a judge and mentor on the new U.S. version of The X Factor!

She’s right, I’d totally miss her crazy self if she weren’t judging some sort of reality show competition. It was fun to make fun of her vicodin antics on Idol and it’s even more fun on the X Factor.

She recently opened up about her battle with bulimia and says that makes her the perfect person to mentor the Groups category on the hit show. She said, “We’re not striving for perfection. We’re striving for excellence. We’re striving for healthy bodies.”

She went on to reveal, “I talk to them about my struggles. I’m living proof you can learn to accept and love everything about yourself that is unique and makes you stand out. It’s not about comparing yourself to everyone else. It’s about teaching them to be bold, daring and unique.”

See, she’s always out there in left field. God love this woman, she’s freaking nuts and awesome, all at the same time. What are they putting in those Pepsi cups? Must get that hook up.

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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