People Magazine: Casey Anthony Getting Away With Murder? (Photo)

People Magazine: Casey Anthony Getting Away With Murder? (Photo)

Could Casey Anthony be getting away with murder? That’s the question that People magazine wants to know.

For the second time this month, the “Murder Mom” trial covers People magazine. This time, they’re asking the question that is on everyone’s mind as the details of this senseless tragedy are recounted… Will Casey Anthony be convicted?

The testimony given, states that there were searches for “chloroform”and “neck breaking” on her computer inside her residence. In addition, she was partying at the bar when her daughter went missing. She didn’t report her daughter missing for an entire month. There was an awful death stench coming from the trunk of Casey’s car.

So it’s obvious that the evidence is mounting against her, but will it be enough to convict her?

A former criminal defense attorney and current law professor, Karin Moore, said, “This is definitely not a slam-dunk case. The state doesn’t have an eyewitness. They don’t have a confession, so most of the evidence is circumstantial.”

A source for the prosecution said that even though there is “no one smoking gun”, the evidence is “solid”. The source said, “People hear ‘circumstantial’ and think that means it’s a weak case. But what it means is that we bult a case using a lot of evidence.”

Casey’s parents, George and Cindy Anthony, aren’t sure what to believe at this point, but they just want the truth. A family friend said, “Honestly, I think they’re all over the place with that. What they want, and what they’ve always wanted, is to know what happened.”

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