Perez Hilton goes on the defensive, posts video

In response to all of the media outrage at Perez Hilton for posting a photo that was manipulated to look like Miley Cyrus wasn’t wearing any underwear, it appears that the celebrity blogger has gone on the defensive.

He defends his actions, saying that he posted the photo on his Twitter account to draw attention to how Miley got out of a car and wants to encourage her to be lady-like. What he doesn’t understand is that two million of his followers saw said photo which depicted the teen singer without underwear on. It obviously looks Photoshopped, but the law is the law.

He’s sick, disgusting and twisted. The law CLEARLY states that even if the photo is manipulated, it’s still considered child pornography. So, his response is not going to save him, no matter how many times he says that Miley isn’t stupid enough to go outside without panties on.

His excuse is lame and it’s obvious that he’s just trying to get himself out of trouble. He needs to be prosecuted for pushing this photo on people. And you know Miley should be up in arms over the fact that he played her music in the background. Isn’t it just creepy how he keeps opening his legs? No one wants to see that, man. NO ONE.

Update: Someone must be getting scared. Perez just posted a link to a photo showing Miley on the set of the video she was making, wearing underwear. He said, “CLICK HERE for photographic evidence that should finally put to end all this chatter!”

Ignorance of the law is no excuse Mario. Methinks your goose is cooked. You’ll like jail, maybe then you can get a boyfriend.

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