Perez Hilton passes over South Park Enterprise to sign Sliimy

south_park_enterprise_logoWith the launch of his new record label, Perezcious Records, Mario Lavendeira really passed over some sweet talent. The talent he passed over? South Park Enterprise is a hip hop outfit from Charleston, West Virginia.

The hip hop group consists of Lil Guy, K.A.O.$., Hen-a-say, Mic the Ripper, Future, r.a.w., Rusty Swordz, and “others to be listed”.

I talked with one of the members of the group, Lil Guy, asking him if Lavendeira actually passed on their music and here’s the reply I received:

I did try to contact him when he started his label about getting a deal with him. He had an open chance to get us and passed it up, so yes he did actually pass on our talent. I guess hip hop is not what he is looking for. When it was in the talks I posted a bulletin on here to let everyone know that we may be signed to his label and got a few messages today saying that he signed someone that is no good. I have not looked to see who he has signed yet but I am going to. All I can say is that Hip Hop is a big music field and he did have a chance to get into it and both of us make money off of it. why he does not want to I have no clue. All I know is that he was looking at us for his label and I do not know if he still has plans to or not.

Who’s the better talent? Sliimy or these guys? Check out their MySpace here to listen to some of their music.

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