Perez Hilton wrote a children’s book

Perez Hilton wrote a children's book

Ever since Perez Hilton arrived on the celebrity gossip scene, he’s been bullying and badgering celebrities left and right. It was only recently that Perez decided to take up the anti-bullying cause and jump on that bandwagon.

Meanwhile, he gets invited to hobnob with the rich and famous, because of their fear that he’d write something scathing about them on his website. Of course, the photos would be littered with MS Paint drawings of coke and other lines doodled onto their bodies.

So Perez thinks he knows about bullying? Of course he does! He’s been a bully forever.

Still, he thinks people are going to purchase his nonsense tale of a kid with pink hair seeking social acceptance. Will you?

We’re hoping that he fails as a writer, just as he failed at discovering new musical talent with his vanity record label. The proof is in the pudding!

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