Pete Doherty charged with cocaine possession

Earlier today, rocker Pete Doherty was charged with cocaine possession. The charge stems from his appearance at a bail hearing, when he had drugs on his person.

Contact Music has more:

Doherty was arrested in March in connection with the drugs related death of heiress Robin Whitehead. He was one of four people taken into custody after the 27-year-old filmmaker died from a suspected overdose in January at an East London flat.

Whitehead had been making a documentary on Doherty at the time and he previously admitted to visiting the property the day before and the day after she died but on the night of her death he was at his home in Wiltshire.

Doherty, 31, was originally arrested on March 19 on suspicion of supplying drugs then subsequently bailed.

Today, he was handed the lesser charge of possessing the drug, but could still face jail.

He needs to get it together already. Seriously, who brings drugs with them to their bail hearing?!?? That’s just heinous. He deserved this charge for sure. He needs to wise up before he becomes another statistic.

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