Pete Wentz talks about his manscaping

Pete Wentz
[Image Credit: AudreyLynne Shines – Creative Commons via Flickr]

There were some pretty “distasteful” pictures floating around the internet of Pete Wentz showing the goods using a camera phone. Yes, perverts, they’re here. I guess he was taking cell phone pics to show Ashlee Simpson. I guess that’s fair considering she flashed him on their first date.

Pete talked to Elle magazine about the leaked photos…check it out:

Elle: Like millions of others, I’ve seen these photos. But if a picture of your penis is going to get leaked online, you could do much worse than yours.

PW: Oh, thank you. I appreciate that. But at the time, I wanted to find a cave and hang out there for the rest of my life and be a cave painter and eat dirt.

Elle: I don’t want you to think I lingered on the photo, but I did notice that you looked groomed down there.

PW: The manscaping? Honestly, I felt slightly overgrown in those pictures. If I had taken them for public consumption, I would have done it differently – groomed a little closer, better lighting.

Pete’s still a weenie, guys.

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