Peter Facinelli Tells Jennie Garth To Stop With Her Interviews

Peter Facinelli Tells Jennie Garth To Stop With Her Interviews

“Breaking Dawn” actor Peter Facinelli wants his ex-wife Jennie Garth to stop with the interviews because she’s making him look bad. Go figure. The truth will usually speak for itself, no?

After their divorce was announced in March, she has given an onslaught of interviews talking about how she felt at the time. She has been talking to anyone who would basically listen about the collapse of their eleven-year marriage.

Apparently that is not sitting too nicely with Peter, who is now dating his current squeeze Jaimie Alexander. A friend of the actor’s reportedly told “Star” magazine, “It’s like a slap in the face. It’s hard for her to be civil with him, because she’s so angry.”

The spy went on to say, “He hates that he looks like the bad guy. Peter has demanded that Jennie stop giving interviews, which has only infuriated her more.”

Firstly, he is the one who left her, not the other way around. She was with this man for eleven years, so naturally she is going to be hurt when they went their separate ways. She had a right to talk about the subject when asked, unless she was contractually obligated not to talk about it. And if she is speaking the truth, then he really has no right to say anything at all.

Despite all of that, Peter can’t really put a muzzle on Jennie — she’s a grown woman. Just because he’s dating someone else doesn’t mean that Jennie has to respect that, right? What do you think?

Peter Facinelli Tells Jennie Garth To Stop With Her Interviews was last modified: November 18th, 2012 by Lydia Harris
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  • JoeB

    she’s gotta get paid. Welcome to the USA

  • Mark

    You failed to mention that he is now dating someone he started working with right at the time their marriage started to crumble. Convenient, no? The only one who can make Peter look bad is Peter. He’s doing a fine job of it, too.

    • Megshell

      So True!

  • LolaP

    I think he has become quite the douche since Twilight. But maybe he’s always been a douche. I tend to think not since they appeared to be a regular family before his Twilight stardom. And he’s not even a major character in that damn franchise. He’s just a supporting character.

    • Megshell

      I agree LolaP

  • lonelyheart

    does anyone realize that SHE cheated on him????
    its true….people should really know what when on….hes a SAINT

    JUST saying……

    • Megshell

      Where you got this information is beyond me! He got famous and got a big ego than had a midlife crisis and left his wife for a younger girl! now he knows he’s a jerk and doesn’t want to look bad!

  • Lucky Duck

    hello people – are you reading between th lines…I hope so….YES Jennie cheated on him….he is a gentleman with 3 girls…and refuses to come out and say that….but THAT is THE TRUTH FOLKS….saw it happen on the show she was on….daily…Peter is th one that was hurt in all of this….sad but true…

    • Megshell

      There is nowhere to even suggest that she cheated on him!

  • Megshell


  • Megshell

    So true and he makes himself look bad on his own! He left her for a younger girl when he got popular because of twilight it all went to his head! He’s not even a good character and his part in Nurse jackie is so annoying! He annoys me!