Peter Hook calls Madonna a ‘black widow spider’

91104X2_MADONNA_B-GR_01Former bassist for New Order and Joy Division, Peter Hook, has referred to Madonna as “horrible” along with calling her “like a Black Widow” spider. Oh how nice, and why don’t you tell us how you really feel.

He said that he met Madge on the night of her first British concert at Manchester nightclub, The Hacienda, and said that she was “horrible” and that she “used people.”

He said, “Madonna’s like a Black Widow spider. She tends to use people, then they shrivel up and disappear.”

When asked if she would perform again when the club opened later in the evening, she was less than nice. He added, “She was horrible. She sat there with her back to us, and Rob went up and said, ‘We were wondering if you wanted to appear later at the club’, and she just went, ‘F**k off.'”

Is it just coincidence that he just got his nightclub book published? Talk about using people, he’s using her name to stay relevant. Well played, sir.

Image Credit: Bauer-Griffin

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  • whois

    pardon me, whois new order? never heard of them.

  • darkentry

    “whois new order? never heard of them. “

    haha,in the first place: Madonna, she used Blue Monday feeling on Hung Up (Confessions). Second Place: Kyle Minogue with cant get out of my head. third Place: everyone heard Blu Monday and Bizarre Love triangle

    “whois new order?” please don’t be fool. I love Madonna, but sometimes she acts like a bitch.

  • who is

    never heard of them too. has-been who is sore of madonna i guess.

  • Mister Manchester

    I think the lady doth protest(eth) too much.

    She’s a cow and a right capitalist slag.

    (See getting into bed with Clearchannel/ Live “Evil” Nation).

    Anyone who rates madonna, needs their head checking out.

    Bigtime cow.


  • Mister Manchester

    oh and if you think you’re so clever…

    …you might want the story when she slept in the porch with ** outside **’s house.

    classy eh? not the first time she got her crotch out!