Philip Seymour Hoffman Spent $10,000 A Month On Heroin

Philip Seymour Hoffman Spent $10,000 A Month On Heroin

Philip Seymour Hoffman was so into drugs that he was spending $10,000 on Heroin and Oxycontin per month. His drug addiction has spiraled out of control so much that his body was found with 50 packets of Heroin nearby.

Fans of the Academy Award winning actor were all surprised by his seemingly untimely death, but those close to Philip were not shocked at his passing. On Sunday morning, the actor succumbed to his addiction issues with a hypodermic needle found in his arm.

A source close to the situation revealed, “He was what we call a heavy ‘red liner’. That means he liked to shoot with a needle, but he also sniffed it daily. And he was majorly hooked on Oxy, too.”

The source went on to say that Philip was buying bundles and bricks all at a time. The source said, “He just bought five bundles of dope last week. Heroin is one of the cheaper drugs, but Hoff wasn’t buying the cheap stuff. Still, to be spending ten grand, he was using hard.”

It’s a shame when someone so young dies in such a way, just as it is when anyone succumbs to their addiction issues. Rest in peace, Philip Seymour Hoffman.

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