Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Cause Of Death Revealed

Philip Seymour Hoffman's Cause Of Death Revealed

The New York City coroner has released Philip Seymour Hoffman’s autopsy results, thus solidifying the cause of death for the late actor. The coroner revealed that Hoffman passed away as the result of a toxic mix of heroin, cocaine, amphetamines and benzodiazepines. The Medical Examiner has revealed that the death was ruled as an accident.

The actor passed away on February 2, 2014 and was found in his Manhattan apartment with a needle stuck in his arm. He left behind three children with his girlfriend Mimi O’Donnell. He left his estate to O’Donnell in his will and he only asked that she raise their oldest son (their only child at the time of the will) be raised in New York City because of the culture and arts.

He was mourned by family and friends in Manhattan on February 7, 2014. May he rest in peace.

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