Phillip Phillips Has Left The Hospital Following Kidney Surgery

Phillip Phillips Has Left The Hospital Following Kidney Surgery

“American Idol” season eleven champ Phillip Phillips has left the hospital, following his kidney surgery. Phillip underwent a six-hour surgical procedure to repair his kidney because the stent in his kidney had gotten worse than fans were led to believe.

On Sunday, Phillip was released from the Los Angeles hospital and is now recovering in a mansion that’s owned by one of the “American Idol” executives.

He has said that his surgery would not affect his time on the American Idol tour. It starts on July 6, 2012 in Detroit, Michigan. In a short interview with “E! News”, he said, “I’m out of the hospital and back to work! Looking forward to the future.”

Even more recently, the pawn shop owned by Phillip’s family was broken into on Monday night. The perpetrator used a stolen backhoe in order to crash through the shop. The thief stole $4,000 worth of merchandise, including hand guns, TVs, antique coins, necklaces, rings and a cash register with $110 inside.

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