Phillip Phillips Performs ‘Home’ On ‘American Idol’ (VIDEO)

Phillip Phillips Performs On 'American Idol' (VIDEO)

On round three of tonight’s season finale performance episode of “American Idol” our favorite Phillip Phillips took on his “winning song” titled, “Home”. In case you’re missing the show, we are recapping it live here.

What a good song for Phillip. This is truly a great first single for him to perform. He’s up there with his guitar and he’s rocking out to this subdued track. We would definitely buy this on iTunes. Would you?

Call-in numbers for Phillip tonight:


Standing ovation from the judges. Randy said he loved the song, he loves Phillip and the production. He said he loved everything about it. Randy has to yell over the applause from the audience. Jennifer said he didn’t sound like any other band and there’s nothing on the radio that sounds like that. Steven said he has made the world his home. He was perfect tonight and he’s the man.

Was this your favorite performance of the night? Sound off in the comments and let us know your thoughts!

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  • gmac3

    It was nice to see they give PP a song that is right in his wheelhouse along with a big stage production behind him. Meanwhile Jessica gets a song that to put it mildly stunk. She couldn’t take a dog like that for a walk never mind sing it. I also really liked the big production for her. Sitting on a piano.
    I guess they realy want another  WGWG to win so bad they even will make a contestant look better just to get it.
    I hope Jessica wins in spite of it. Go jessica go. The first 2 songs belonged to you hands down. Even if you don’t win you will always be a winner to me. Hurry up and make some recording, I’ll buy them.
    PP the one trick pony is goin’ nowhere.

  • birdiesmimi

    It would be a shame for Phillip Phillips to be thrown into a category because we have such a habit of making sure everything fits into a box we think we know…it feels better that way and WE feel better when things and people can be dismissed as being the same .  Anyway…he’s got a touch of magic that touch a lot of hearts and minds…and Jessica, too..