Phillip Phillips’ Surgery Put On Hold Until Next Week

Phillip Phillips' Surgery Put On Hold Until Next Week

Season eleven winner of “American Idol” Phillip Phillips has been plagued by problems with his kidney throughout his entire time on the show. He held out to finish out the show, eventually winning, but even though he was tempted to quit. He was due to have surgery on his kidney today, but now is putting his plans to go under the knife on hold.

It was previously revealed that Phillip would be having surgery today after having undergone eight surgeries during his time on the show. According to TMZ, Phillip is burning up with a fever and cannot have the surgery as planned. Phillip has a congenital kidney condition which produces kidney stones that are so big that they cannot pass.

Phillip is now suffering from a bad sinus infection that has given him a high fever. As a result, the doctor taking care of him will not give the green light for Phillip to undergo surgery. The surgery has been rescheduled for next week.

Get well soon, Phillip! We’re pulling for ya!

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