Phillip Phillips Talks About His Kidney Issues

Phillip Phillips Talks About His Kidney Issues

“American Idol” season eleven winner Phillip Phillips has had a rough journey on his way to winning the “Idol” crown. He had suffered with kidney problems ever since beginning his run on the singing competition. When he won the show on May 23rd, he said, “I never thought that would happen.”

During his run on the show, he revealed that the pain had gotten to be too much and that he almost gave up on his dream of winning the competition. But, we’re glad he stuck it through. He said, “It’s the toughest year of my life, but it’s going to be exciting, too.”

Over the season, Phillip quietly underwent seven surgeries to correct his kidney issues. The last surgery, which was in June, was said to have removed some serious kidney stones and even restructured his damaged kidney. Of that surgery, he said, “This one’s supposed to fix me.”

Currently, he is still recovering at a hotel in Los Angeles and he says that he is “resting as much as I can.” The Idols Live tour begins on Friday, July 6th in Detroit and he’s going to be ready.

He’s been keeping himself busy playing his guitar and writing music for his first album. He hopes that the album will be released later on in the year. He said, “I’m excited to get out there and show people what I have. It’s going to be something special.”

Are you excited for Phillip Phillips on the “American Idol Live!” tour? Or are you more patiently awaiting his debut album?

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