Photo: Is Kristen Stewart drunk?

Kristen Stewart made her way for the exit at the Troubadour in West Hollywood on Friday night. She looked as if she was stumbling out of the door, holding onto a friend/bodyguard (he’s a small guy).

What do you think? Was she drunk? Or just trying not to arouse the media’s interest?

Photo: Is Kristen Stewart drunk? was last modified: July 11th, 2010 by Lydia Harris
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  • kstefan

    She's trying to get away from the poparazi you idiot!

  • kstew fan

    she wasnt drunk idiot !! she was so sad and upset by all those aweful paparazzi who are always morning to night trying to get inside her life and traking her !! I hate you paparazi for what you are doing to her !!
    and for the record ! the guy isnt a guard its tom sturradge ribert best friend .. abd they wrere all in the concert!

  • kimk34

    when i first saw the pictures i thought the same thing…maybe just a little tippsey…

  • ugh

    Hiding her face and trying to escape the paparazzi!!

  • Vanessie

    he's not her bodygurad he's rob and kristen's friend. he's not drunk, anyone who tries to get away fast from all the papz and hide her face to cameras would definitely took a stumble or two.

  • crmomof2

    She was not drunk. I saw the video…she was not stumbling…she was hiding from the papz…in the video they followed her to the hotel and it is obvious to anyone that she was not drunk. She was with Tom Stu(Robert Pattinson's best friend) to see Bobby Long. Someone took a photo with their telephone…she didn't go into the club itself but watched Bobby perform from backstage. You paparazzi are just trying to harm her because she doesn't bow down to you and give in to you slugs.