Photo: Kylie Jenner models for Sears

Now that older sister Kendall Jenner is pimping herself out in a bikini at the tender age of 14, her little sister Kylie is following in her footsteps. At 12, the younger Jenner has now made her modeling debut for Sears.

Proud sister Sasquatch Khloe blogged this:

I just posted Kylie’s Crush Your Style ad the other day, now here is her modeling debut!!!! How fab does she look?? My little baby sisters are all grown up! This has been such an amazing few weeks for both Kendall and Kylie and I’m beyond proud of both of them! They are such good girls! They are such hard workers and so professional! I couldn’t be happier with them I’m a proud mama!

At least this one is more age appropriate. Chris Hansen is peeking out all of you who are slobbering over Kendall’s photo shoot. Why don’t you have a seat right there?

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