Photo: Marilyn Manson got fat!

marilyn_manson_fatOh my Twinkies, Marilyn Manson has put on some weight!

The shock rocker’s split with Evan Rachel Wood has not been kind to him at all. He said that he called her 158 times, nailed cocaine bags to the wall, and cleaned out the nearest Dunkin’ Donuts. Okay, that last part may or may not be true….but the proof is in the pudding. (Unless he ate that, too.)

Women are scrutinized in the media for their weight gain constantly, so why should this guy (who, incidentally wears more makeup than I do) be any different?

Someone needs to hire a personal trainer….

Photo: Marilyn Manson got fat! was last modified: July 2nd, 2009 by Roberta Ferguson
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  • Chicko Roll

    everyone puts on weight; hes not fat.
    hes come from being borderline ano.
    give him a break, as long as he doesnt weigh as much as oprah theres no problem (Y)

  • K.M

    Get over it
    so what
    who gives a rats arse
    MM may not be as ‘slim’ as he was when he was 20
    big deal
    everyone gains weight and everyone loses it

    • Jennifer Aniston

      That's Not How You Spell STUPID you frigging IDIOT

  • sdfsdfs

    Dude, he used to be practically anorexic back in the day, chances are he’s a healthier wait now than he was then.

  • FE-MM’s Sound Engineer(tours)

    Being around him has been interesting since 2004. Just this year he has put on some weight. I think he is actually healthier then he ever was. He likes junk food, but moderately, but what can we say, we all do. Since 2004, I’ve gained about 50lbs, but that’s from the hotels, the bad food during tours and what not. He’s just healthy, that’s all i can say.

  • Sean

    The man is 40 years old, I don’t think it’s fair to make that judgement. Who at that age is as slim as they were two decades ago? Let’s have some real journalism please

  • stephenv

    Fat or no, I’d still listen to him over Miley Cyrus or some other bubblegum pop flash-in-the pan artists out here these days.

    Still, round plump guys aren’t typically believable as emmisaries of the anti-christ, or any other kind of devil worship image he has going on. Just looks like he came out of his basement and the sun hurts his eyes.

  • Joey Jackooly

    He’s not fat at all, I just saw him live in concert. This is a deceiving photo; he’s always had an unflattering side profile, a small jaw and a long neck. BeLIEve everything you read on the internet. Google Manson 2009 Live or watch him on YouTube at some of his recent shows in Europe. This myth has been BUSTED!!!

  • Michael

    Which is a shame, because Roberta Ferguson is practically anorexic and has probably never been fat in her life.

    Marilyn Manson is hotter than ever and his music just keeps improving.

  • riki

    he should go work out with trent reznor, that guy is huge. manson isnt nearly fat though, he doesnt need a personal tainer he needs to start rehearsing for his shows

  • ur mom

    ok he is fat u people are just mad because ur his gothic emo wanna slit my rist or kill my self to get attention fans or your fat to and he’s scary lookin i mean if i seen him with or without mostlikely with makeup on just walkin down the street i wouldnt even beable to scream or run i’d just faint right there it makes me wonder if he was abused as a child bcus this dude looks seriosly and acts seriosly disturbed……and reply to me people please what are you gonna say somthin super scary im really scared of enternet threats haaaaa ha ha or like do voodoo on me whoooooo and also i really dont care if he or any one else cares about what i say about him because im just voiceing my opinion like u because im board

    • britney

      you are a mean person…. ur just jelouse of him.. and i bet deep down you wanna fuck him… so whatever

    • Athena OMEGA Contant

      your grammar is terrible, And besides, not only teens like Marilyn, my mother likes him. And sure you're voicing your opinion… but put it somewhere that counts. Manson is not fat. Just because there is ONE picture that he looks slightly large in doesn't mean anything, everyone needs to get over the tabloids. Sure he is not as skinny as he used to be in say The Antichrist Superstar or Mechanical Animals era's but no one can stay skinny forever. He is not fat, that is just an unflattering camera angle. Every one has a camera angle that makes them look "fat" I do, you do, everyone does. So leave him alone. And if you hate him so much, why are you even bothering to search his name or anything to do with him for that matter? So grow up. Marilyn Manson Has Always And Will Continue TO ROCK!

  • ur mom

    he looks like he’s having an orgasm over twinkys

    • britney

      fuck you

  • ben

    Yer he is fat, im a fan, but, he is fat, why would you lie to yourself and say he is in a healthy weight. bull shit, how many 40 year old men look like he does, (out side america). He is a fat boy, i can see what devour is about now, fat boy is singing to a pie. You dumpshits saying he is borderline, you must be one fat fucker to say he is borderline.

    • britney

      he may be chunky but i still like him

    • bri

      yep you got that right

  • ben

    He has a double chin and looks like he is struggling to breath

  • Colonelj427

    Maybe you should get a personal trainer befor you start telling other people they are fat!!

  • Nocturna

    Let me get this straight. Because women’s weight is scrutinized in the media, it should be no different for Manson? How but not scrutinizing anyone’s weight in the media? People who feed off tabloids should go play the sims instead… make up your own dramas.

    I haven’t seen enough fat manson pictures that are convincing. He’s always wearing a big jacket…

    He needs serious luving in either case. LEAVE MANSON ALOOOONE :p

  • britney

    i like marliyn manson just the way he is… always have… not so much his music but i love his looks… im not saying his music is bad cuz i like his music too im just saying he is perfect…

  • Jaynemansfield

    also the thing is his weight gain was very rapid, i was looking at pics of him in late april and he is not fat but he has put on some weight; which is only natural considering he is 40, but then just over a month later he is huge, i just wonder what made him gain so much weight

  • Lina

    Poor Manson… but it's his fault for eating his emotions. He used to look freakish and awesome before he put on those pounds, but I worry for his health. What if he gets a heart attack and I never get to hear anymore of his art?

  • Jessica

    I personally like the new plump Manson.
    He's healthy, and he stopped drugs, which is a good thing.
    He'll always be handsome to me. <3

  • Kismet

    He’s not fat.
    It’s just the jacket that he’s wearing and the angle.
    If I put on one of those big leather winter jackets, I’d be “fat” too.