Photo: Michelle Rodriguez poses with Nazi flag

Upon seeing this photo of Avatar and Machete actress Michelle Rodriguez kneeling in front of a Nazi flag, I was all like, WTF? But she has explained, via her Twitter account, that she was in the presence of “Happy Nazi flag shooters”.

She tweeted, “Hehehhehee Only in Austin can you find such Happy Nazi flag shooters look at the holes on this flag”, along with the above photo. When asked whether or not she participated in said shooting, she tweeted, “no I didn’t shoot the flag I don’t like politics but the boys unloaded 1000 rounds into that thing in less than a minute, hot.”

What a way to make a statement.

Photo: Michelle Rodriguez poses with Nazi flag was last modified: January 17th, 2015 by Jed Eckert
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  • JustMe

    She’s mot a moron!!
    you guys are trolling all night&day long!

    she doesn’t support it..she just made fun with it!

    You guys need to upgrade your humor!

  • hahaha

    stephenv, clearly YOU are the moron since you apparently cannot READ. she was posing in front of a flag that had been SHOT UP by people who hate Nazism. Get a clue. Then again, maybe all you know how to do is flip through picture books like a 2 year old instead of actually read real words and stuff. Poor thing.