Photo: Miley Cyrus needs to cover herself

Let’s take Miley Cyrus’ whole look from the angle of a decent, responsible and respectable parent…Shall we?

In full-on mother mode:

I cannot believe that this girl (regardless of celebrity) is allowed to walk out of the door looking like this. It’s a travesty. I’m not sure if she checked a mirror before leaving the house/hotel/whatever, but this is seriously NOT cute.

If I had a daughter and she tried this mess, I’d march her butt back to her room and tell her to find something to wear that doesn’t show off the goodies. There’s no mystery here, girlfriend. NONE.

Why not try taking some style tips from Selena Gomez? She’s from the same Disney ilk, but she’s of the mind that she doesn’t have to show her butt to be super rich or uber famous. Where are Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus? Oh yes, I forget. They’re at home, not watching as their eleven-year-old tries to imitate this trashbucket. Moving on.

/Mother mode off. Hate me if you want, but deep down inside, you know I’m right.

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