Photo: Taylor Swift drops one of her Grammy Awards

Taylor Swift won four Grammy Awards at tonight’s celebration, but when she made it to the press room for photos, she just couldn’t seem to keep her hands on all of them.

You know, if you can’t hold onto them, I’m sure someone else is more deserving (ahem, Lady Gaga). Just sayin’.

T. Swift fans, please form a line to the left when you start hatin’. Kthnxbye.

Photo: Taylor Swift drops one of her Grammy Awards was last modified: September 1st, 2013 by Roberta Ferguson
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  • Bard

    You are so right about that. Even the Grammy Award knows it's not suppose to be in her arms and is trying to run away

    • Earsucker

      Roflmao, so true. She needs to go away already.

  • Kat

    She is so stupid and did not deserve those grammys. Lets just hope she becomes a hasbeen after this.

    • Taylor Swift <3er

      shut up she didnt do anything wrong at least shes not like miley cyrus for god sakes shes a great ro model and a great person my god y dont u change ur name to Kanye West? :*( ur so mean!

  • Jenni

    taylor swift is a fucking twat

    • Taylor Swift <3er


  • Sunny

    Lady Gaga rules :) Im gonna deck you Taylor Swift and then kill your fans. Are you fearless now, ARE YOU?? You left me Speechless Gaga :) <3

    • BOO


    • taylorswift<3er

      Taylor is the best quit being so Fucking rude!!

  • cory

    HAHAHA that grammy obviously doesn't "belong with" her lame fairytale as$.

  • Bridget

    Wow your guys are sooo f*cking RUDE!!! She deserved all of those awards and so what if she dropped one?? We all make mistakes and no ones perfect. She should have won all eight of the ones she was nominated for. Seriously, no need to make fun of someone who is way more sucessful then any of you guys will ever be so suck it!! And shes only 20 and look how hard she has worked for all of the awards she has won. Get a life you a$$holes!!!!!!!!!

    • taylorswift<3er

      thank u so much!!!!! i luv taylor shes the best some ppl just dont understand how great of a person she is shes so great and a great ro model!!! and she has never dont anything wrong!!

  • Jeff

    hah. that's a sign that she shouldn't be holding those awards. she is way overexposed and wins many awards that she doesn't deserve, female/vocal awards for instance. everyone knows she is a good songwriter but a terrible singer, yet she continues to win vocal awards over more deserving artists. i hope she grows up and fades like the jonas brothers, or at least die out from overexposure.

  • laylay

    she deserves EVERYY SINGLE AWARD THAT SHE WON. her songs are beautiful nd so is she inside and out. and you people can only wish to be half as talented and beautiful as her.

  • laylay

    Lady Gaga is straight up crazy. im not saying shes a bad musician but at least Taylor knows how to stay down to earth. nd taylors music has meaning,,Unlike Lady Gaga.

  • Youareretarded

    Stop f-ing saying taylor is stupid and untalented you wish you could be like her so stop hating D:<

  • Celebrity News Aggregator

    {What can I say?|What else is there to say?|I think} I {really|kinda|sorta} like Taylor

  • Jerm

    i hate her