Pink’s Twitter hacked by husband Carey Hart

Pink's Twitter hacked by husband Carey Hart

Earlier this morning, Pink was the target of a nefarious Twitter hacker — her husband, Carey Hart!

After she tweeted a video to her near three million followers, she stepped away. And that’s when Carey stepped in. He tweeted, “wow, i have to poop so bad right now…..”

Then this came from the account, “sorry…. company…”

Afterward, she realized what he’d done and tweeted this, “my f3cking asshole husband just raped my twitter account. i did not write that. my friends suck too.”

Then, she said, “i’m going to bed. alone. have fun on the couch ass monkey”, followed by this, “DICK RT @butchwalker @pink you just don’t need to leave the room ehh we have YOUR computer. Boom!!”

Too funny!

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