Pippa Middleton Still Dating Alex Loudon

Pippa Middleton Still Dating Alex Loudon

Even though recent reports suggested that Pippa Middleton broke things off with her boyfriend, Alex Loudon for her ex, George Percy, we’re hearing that just the opposite is true!

Pippa recently hung out at George’s place and attended a wedding without Alex, prompting speculation that she had dumped Alex for George. Even though they’ve been said to have hit a rough patch in their relationship recently, they are still together.

A source said, “Pippa and George are friends, but that is all. Pippa doesn’t fancy George, she’s very into Alex. Alex is the nicest chap you could meet. He’s incredibly sweet, loyal and adores Pippa, but they make a point of seeing each other very privately and don’t go to flash places.”

Ahhh, so they basically avoid the paparazzi. There are some celebrities is Los Angeles that could quite possibly learn something from that. Lindsay Lohan, Kim Kardashian, etc?

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