Pippa Middleton’s Big Mistake – GunGate!

Pippa Middleton's Big Mistake - GunGate!

Us Weekly features Pippa Middleton’s “big mistake”, which of course, is her involvement in “GunGate”. After partying it up with friends the night before, Pippa appeared in an Audi convertible with several guy friends. When they found out that they were being tailed by the paparazzi, the driver stopped and pulled out a toy gun on him. At the time, the snapper was unaware that the weapon was fake, so it caused a bit of outrage.

The tabloid reports that Kate Middleton is standing by her sister in the wake of all of the gun drama, facing the wrath of the Palace together.

A royal source said, “This is embarrassing for them”, adding that the gun incident “has put Kate in a very difficult position.”

It was already revealed that Pippa would not be investigated as a result of the incident. So, basically we’re not seeing what the big deal is to keep throwing her name out there. It’s not like the gun was in her hands. She didn’t wave it. She laughed when the driver pointed it at the photographer, but perhaps she knew it was fake beforehand? Still, it had to have been scary for the paparazzo who was following them. Don’t you think? They should at least apologize to him.

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