POLL: The Apprentice Will Go On Without Donald Trump – Who Should Replace Him?

The Apprentice Will Go On Without Donald Trump

If Donald Trump decides to utter the phrase “You’re fired!” one last time and actually throw his hat into the 2012 Presidential race, we’ve learned that NBC will continue with The Apprentice, without The Donald!

So what is The Apprentice without the guy who makes the show what it is? He is all about the conflict and the drama, so we have to wonder who they would get to fill his shoes? Who will utter the famous phrase? Charlie Sheen? He’s an “unemployed winner” who has no network affiliations and is already seen as a hot commodity.

According to NBC President Bob Greenblatt, the show would absolutely go on without its famous leader at the helm. Bob said that although the network does hope to have Trump continue his rein with firing people like mad, if he’s busy with politics, the show must go on! He said, “If he decides to run and is unavailable to do the show, we will bring the show back and someone else will be sitting at the head of the board table.”

Don’t get your hopes up if you were thinking that he would speculate on who would replace Trump. He revealed, “Who that is, we’re not going to really entertain, because I’m still hoping we’ll have Donald back in the seat.”

Who would you like to see in Donald’s place if he chooses to run for the Presidency? Do you think he’s replaceable? TAKE OUR POLL!

Have a better suggestion? Leave a comment! Let NBC know your thoughts!

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