PornHub offers Demi Lovato $100,000 for alleged sex tape

Even though Demi Lovato’s rep has called BS on the sex tape rumors, PornHub is still trying to get their hands on the alleged tape, has learned.

They’ve sent the Disney starlet a letter, asking her to fork over the tape for a quick $100,000. Check out the letter that they’ve sent Demi:

Dear Miss Lovato,

Like the title of your first album, “Here We Go Again!”

We are stunned, yet very excited to hear rumors that there may be a possible sex tape of you floating around! Now that you have turned 18, there are a myriad of possibilities for a young girl like you to make a fortune in the adult entertainment business.

Our website, gets over 6 BILLION impressions a month, making us one of the largest websites in the world when it comes to web traffic. We here at know that if you starred in an X rated scene, and were featured in our free website in the “Celebrity” area you’d have more people see you in a week than have ever seen you in your entire career.

Knowing that you have had a tumultuous year, we are hoping that we can spread our Holiday cheer this season by offering you $100,000 for your tape and full model release. Please contact me to discuss how we can assist you in taking advantage of this lucrative opportunity in lieu of it leaking on the internet whereby you will realize no monetary gain.

You don’t have to star with male talent, we are willing to accept a solo or Girl-Girl scene just as long as it’s shot in HD. Please have a representative contact us to let us know if you are willing to accept our gracious offer, and we hope you are having a wonderful Holiday Season.

Her rep has yet to issue a statement on the offer.

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