Prince Harry’s Handlers Blamed For Vegas Nude Party Pics

Prince Harry's Handlers Blamed For Vegas Nude Party Pics

Prince Harry has caused quite the stir when he went on vacation in Las Vegas recently. He had an encounter with a bunch of friends playing “strip pool” and apparently lost. As a result, websites all over the U.S. have plastered his naked butt on their pages, as opposed to the British press, who faced a media blackout over the private images.

The Royal family is said to be super miffed over the entire fiasco, but they are mostly taking aim at Prince Harry’s handlers. According to reports, they should’ve been more mindful of allowing the Prince to party with women who weren’t first stripped of their cellphones.

When he invited the ladies back up to his VIP suite at the hotel, his security team should have asked them to relinquish their cellphones so that no photos of the soiree could’ve been taken. Instead, the laid-back guards told the ladies, “aww, come on…no photos.”

Apparently they were having a good time at the party and didn’t care what went down.

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