Prince Joins Twitter and Hell Has Apparently Frozen Over!

Prince Joins Twitter and Hell Has Apparently Frozen Over!

An artist that renamed himself a symbol and announced that the internet was dead has now done what everyone thought was impossible, joining the Twitterverse. Under the account @3rdeyegirl, the name of his backup sexy bitches of the day Prince has apparently starting tweeting. Nothing earth shattering as far as the messages themselves, but the Land O’ Twitter has lost its freaking mind over the development!

Keep in mind that Prince has been known to be mysterious and not iTunes or YouTube friendly with his material. In an interview with the Daily Mirror, Prince said, “The Internet’s completely over. I don’t see why I should give my new music to iTunes or anyone else. They won’t pay me an advance for it and then they get angry when they can’t get it… Anyway, all these computers and digital gadgets are no good. They just fill your head with numbers and that can’t be good for you.”

Apparently someone might have finally clued the Royal Purple One in on the PR gold mine Twitter can be, but how long will this last? Either way people are talking about him again and that can’t be a bad thing. I mean look at the facts on this one, On August 14th 2013 Prince officially sent his first tweet through the 3RGEYEGIRL twitter account which saw the followers of the account jump from just over 10,000 to nearly 50,000 and also on August 14th 2103 Prince released a new song called ‘Groovy Potential’ for exclusive download through the website.

Well played sir.

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