Prince William To Be King After Queen Elizabeth Abdicates?

Prince William To Be King After Queen Elizabeth Abdicates?

Prince William and Duchess Catherine are featured on the cover of the latest issue of Globe magazine – with an inset photo of Queen Elizabeth.

From this issue of the tabloid, they claim that William has been named King of England following his grandmother’s abdication. Is there a sort of top secret decree that the Queen could use to prevent her son Prince Charles from taking the throne in the case of her abdication? The tabloid reports:

Just as a thrilled Prince William welcomed his 8-pound-6-ounce baby son, George Alexander Louis, he learned the bombshell news that his dying grandma Queen Elizabeth had skipped over his dad Charles and named him Britain’s next King by a top secret decree. In an explosive Special Report, this week’s GLOBE reveals the shocking new scandal surrounding Charles that convinced the Queen to bypass him and also, WHEN she will step down allowing William to sit on the Throne.

Stranger things have happened, right? Do you want to see William on the throne following Elizabeth or Charles?

Prince William To Be King After Queen Elizabeth Abdicates? was last modified: January 15th, 2015 by Noah Johnson
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  • St Los

    The succession is governed by an Act of Parliament. Who gets the throne next is not the Queens gift. Only something like insanity can preclude the next in line taking the throne – or abdication of the successor . I wish you guys would cheek your info before stirring up shit.

    • Roberta Ferguson

      We just posted what the Globe magazine said…nothing more.

  • Kelsey

    I’d like to see the Queen in throne for awhile still….. Because well she’s beautiful, and Awesome

  • alwaysright1000

    The Queen can generate an act of Parliament if she really wants to..
    It seems silly not to allow the reigning monarch to choose who among her heirs is most fit to rule.. William would make a far superior King with Kate alongside him.. Charles has always been a screw up and he is still creating scandals.. He has already proven over and over how selfish he is and he has never put his responsibilities first.
    William has always done.. He is the perfect age now to be King.
    Also, No one wants Camilla anywhere near the throne of power!