Princess Diana Had A Secret Daughter?

Princess Diana Had A Secret Daughter?

I’m sure Princes William and Harry along with their father and stepmother would be shocked to hear that Princess Diana actually had a daughter. That is the latest report coming straight from the pages of Globe magazine for its latest issue. Can you imagine how long the Palace and/or the Royal family had to keep this secret — if it’s even true!

Globe magazine reports:

Princess Diana had a secret daughter! That’s the explosive claim of a new book and also of rumors the palace has battled to keep under wraps for decades. Find out amazing details about the young woman’s bizarre birth and why she’s living in hiding.

Interesting! Could you imagine having to live in secret because of who you are? That’s the claim made by this young lady, who says she is royalty by blood.

Also featured in this issue is James Brown’s murder! According to the tabloid, they have uncovered new court documents that say that the Godfather of Soul was killed. Can you imagine? I think we’re going to have to need to see more proof on this one. Wouldn’t that be totally scandalous, though?

In addition to all of that, President Barack Obama is spending a ton of cash partying with celebrities and/or show business friends. Ugh.

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