Punk’d Is Coming Back And To BET

Punk'd Is Coming Back And To BET

Watch out celebs, Punk’d is coming back! Originally airing on MTV with Ashton Kutcher behind the wheel, the show ran from 2003-2007, with another single season in 2012 featuring a crew of different hosts.

Under Kutcher’s reign, some of the more notable pranks included Dax Shepard telling Justin Timberlake his home was being repossessed by the IRS, and Beyonce ruining Christmas for underprivileged children by knocking over their Christmas tree.

With the second return of the show, many in Hollywood will find themselves using the iconic catchphrase, “Am I being Punk’d?” While a new host has yet to be named, it is doubtful we will be watching Kutcher prank new, unsuspecting celebrities on the hidden camera show.

Kutcher and wife Mila Kunis welcomed their first child, Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher last October and are already planning on a brother or sister for her. BET has also announced they will be tailoring the show to better fit their audience. While they are the Black Entertainment Television network, reaching 88 million viewers, many are speculating the new host will be African American. There are also some rumors that instead of a single host, there will be a cast of people working together to orchestrate the new pranks.

Another change in the upcoming season will be behind the scenes looks at how the pranks are carried out – from conception to the big reveal. The network has also announced a new sitcom starring Brandy Norwood, and a singing competition produced and hosted by Kelly Rowland, formerly of Destiny’s Child.

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