Queen Elizabeth Has Six Months To Live?

Queen Elizabeth Has Six Months To Live?

Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth is featured on the cover of the latest issue of Globe magazine. On this week’s cover, the tabloid claims that Elizabeth has a mere six months left to live! Will this throw the monarchy into chaos?

The magazine reports that this is Queen Elizabeth’s last Christmas. From the tabloid’s report:

Queen Elizabeth devastated the Royal Family when she disclosed to Prince William and his wife Kate, “I have six months to live!” In a world exclusive, this week’s GLOBE reveals the details of the Royal family’s bittersweet Christmas. Plus we have the inside story how evil Camilla continued her scheming to have hubby Charles gain the Throne even as the Queen made her heartbreaking confession.

Prince William was said to be on the receiving end of a good talking to from his grandmother after he got up on the stage with Taylor Swift and Bon Jovi and began singing Livin’ On A Prayer. The source said, “Her Majesty quickly called Prince Charming on the red carpet, scolding that it’s not fitting for a future king to prance onstage, and she expects him to refrain from making a spectacle of himself in the future.”

The source continued, “But the fun-loving spirit of Princess Diana — who danced with John Travolta and hung with Elton John — still lives on strongly in her son. William told his grandmother that while he is mindful of royal etiquette, he wants the people to see that he can be royal and real at the same time.”

Can you blame him for wanting to have some fun? Also, do you think the rumors of Queen Elizabeth’s last Christmas are true? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below.

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