Randy Travis Suffers A Stroke While Hospitalized

Randy Travis Suffers A Stroke While Hospitalized

It appears that things are going from bad to worse with regard to country singer Randy Travis’ medical condition. He was recently hospitalized in Texas and it was found that he was suffering from a recently acquired viral cardiomyopathy. He underwent a procedure to fit his ventricle with a tiny heart pump and his rep denied that he underwent heart surgery.

Now, the singer has suffered a stroke while being treated for his heart issues. Wednesday, it was said that his condition was improving, but his rep released a statement confirming that he was having surgery to relieve pressure on his brain.

His rep said that he suffered a stroke and added, “His family and friends here with him at the hospital request your prayers and support.”

Let’s hope that Randy gets the help he needs to make a full recovery. Leave your best wishes for him and his family members in the comments section below.

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