‘Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ Star Kim Richards Spends Real Time in Jail

'Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills' Star Kim Richards Spends Real Time in Jail

Anyone that has seen just one episode of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills already knows that those divas cannot be content to count their money and relax at world-class spas. These women keep drama brewing 24/7. If there is no drama around then they will create their own and push the envelope to the bitter edge.

Fifty-year-old Kim Richards is one of the RHOBH ladies who just made an appearance at the LA jail. No, this was not a scripted appearance. Kim managed to get herself arrested on April 16. The problems stemmed from public intoxication at a chic California restaurant. Too drunk to think, Kim then made matters worse as she refused to leave the restaurant premises. To cap things off she then kicked a police officer and got slapped with a bevy of criminal charges. Although Richards has since been released from jail, she is facing charges of public drunkenness, resisting arrest, battery on the arresting officer and trespassing.

Bravo has not yet commented about this public meltdown. There have been supportive statements on social media from fans and fellow RHOBH cast members.

Her half-century of life experience has failed to keep this drama-mama on the straight and narrow. In fact it seems that the extra cash she is making from the reality series is feeding her problems and insecurities. While Kim’s arrest is not likely to be shown on RHOBH, it is certainly going to become fodder for the tabloids. Goes to show you that money really doesn’t bring you that happiness you think it will. Kim has a history of past addiction problems and it appears that she still has some serious personal issues that she is going to have to deal with if there is any hope of a happy outcome.

If these are prime examples of real housewives, the world is in serious trouble. Kim Richards is one of these television personalities that should stop throwing shade and take care of her business at home. She has money to burn and has a family to consider. Instead of battling with the other B-and C-list celebs on the show it is time Kim took a long, hard look at the woman in her mirror.

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