Reese Witherspoon calls Robert Pattinson handsome

Reese Witherspoon calls Robert Pattinson handsome

Reese Witherspoon thinks Robert Pattinson is handsome! Who knew?!??

In a recent interview, she said, “I’m not gonna lie. He’s a very, very handsome man. He’s sweet and loving and has the nicest family…He’s a very sensitive soul. He worked really hard. He looks great in the movie, too.”

The two appear in new movie, Water For Elephants together….and obviously they spent a lot of time together. Of the Twilight movies, she said, “I really liked them, me and all my 30-year-old friends! I love the books.”

She met Kristen Stewart, and had nothing but good words for her, as well. She said, “Kristen is really sweet, too.”

She and Jim Toth are getting serious, but she admits that she still doesn’t know anything about dating and love. She added, “I think as you get older you realize, ‘I thought I knew everything, and now I know nothing! I just try to go with my instincts and advise other people to do the same.”

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  • Georgia

    I think they would make a cute couple. But isn’t she a little older than him? Anyway, even if she was 60 and he was 24.. if they loved eachother it wouldnt matter how old they were…
    But then again i think im just jumping a little too far ahead. :)