Rep. Anthony Weiner Confesses Crotch Shot Is His

Rep. Anthony Weiner Confesses Crotch Shot Is His

NY Congressman Anthony Weiner just held a press conference in Manhattan where he finally admitted that the infamous WeinerGate crotch shot is his.

He famously claimed he was hacked after an underwear shot surfaced on his Twitter account. Now, he has come forward with the truth, revealing that he posted it on the social networking site while attempting to send it to another woman.

Via our sister site Hammeroftruth, we’ve learned that the congressman has no plans to leave office, but apologized to his wife:

In a new press conference, Weiner said that he never met any of the women and that he feels he has not broken the law. He revealed that he never had any extramarital affairs and he’s not making any excuses for his behavior. He called what he did a “dumb thing” and said that he’s here to accept the blame. He said he exchanged text messages, but referred to WeinerGate as a “deep, personal failing.”

He said his wife is “remarkable” and she’s not responsible for any of this. He said, “I apologize to her.”

He also said that he will work very hard for his constituents and this should not affect his duties in office. He said, “I certainly used bad judgment”, but that he’s there “to accept responsibility.”

He said, “At the end of the day…I lied because I was embarrassed.”

Do you think he should resign?

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