Review: Lady Gaga & Semi Precious Weapons on the Monster Ball Tour in Cleveland, Ohio

Last night in Cleveland, Ohio, opening band Semi Precious Weapons riled up the crowd by putting on a “filthy glamour” show for all of us. Justin Tranter proved how crazy the show was by changing clothes on the stage in front of everyone.

Upon arriving at the Q Arena, we noticed that there were a ton of Little Monsters wearing their best Lady Gaga gear and police caution tape. The show was loud and lots of fun.

When Gaga appeared on the stage, the crowd, including us, all went nuts! She sang all of her hits, including Pokerface, Speechless, Teeth, Bad Romance, You And I and even one I hadn’t heard before, Vanity.

After the jump, Gaga performing Bad Romance for all of us rowdy Clevelanders!

A good time was had by all. We loved the show in every part. A big shout out to Semi Precious Weapons, Lady Gaga and all of the Little Monsters who were dressed up. It was a blast. Cleveland loves you!!

Show us your TEETH!

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