Rihanna prays for cancer victim Jasmina Anema

Rihanna sez: don't let cancer beat you!Rihanna is a total saint.

First off, the singer vocalized her efforts in retaining a bone marrow donor for cancer stricken Jasmina Anema and even honored her at a recent event. After the little girl received a potentially life-saving bone marrow transplant, Rihanna flew to her bedside this month to pray for her recovery.

Anema received the transplant on Thursday, June 11th, after a match was successfully found.

Rihanna says, “I love this little girl and I am so happy that Jasmina received her transplant today. Miracles do happen. I hope more people sign up as bone marrow donors with DKMS (leukemia society) so we can save more lives like hers. Jasmina remains in my prayers for a fast recovery.”

Kudos to Rihanna for bringing this dire need to the public spotlight. I’m glad that there are celebrities out there using their fame for such good causes.

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