Rihanna’s Leaked Nude GQ Cover Photo

Rihanna's Leaked Nude GQ Cover Photo

Barbadian singer Rihanna appears in the buff on the front cover of the latest issue of “GQ” magazine. On the cover, she is wearing a leather jacket and nothing else.

Currently, Rihanna is promoting her “777” tour, of which she will be kicking off on Wednesday. In a statement, she revealed, “I am so excited about the 777 Tour. We are turning this jumbo jet into our tour bus. We’re practically living on this thing for a week: sleeping, partying, all together. Me, my fans, the press…it’s going to be a wild ride. I wanted it to be a rock n’ roll adventure, and I think when it’s over it will be the coolest thing I’ve ever done. I’m that excited about it.”

What do you think of the sexy cover?

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