Rizzoli & Isles Recap: Season 2 Finale Episode

All new Tuesdays 9/8c on TNT is the hit drama “Rizzoli & Isles” and if you’ve been reading our site for any length of time, then you know how much we love a good crime TV show. If you’re unfamiliar with the show, we’ve got the scoop. The show stars Angie Harmon as Jane Rizzoli and Sasha Alexander as Dr. Maura Isles. Rizzoli is a Boston detective and Isles is the Chief Medical Examiner whose father is an Irish crime boss named Paddy Doyle.

In the season two finale episode, titled, “Burning Down The House”, the show starts off with a fire at a factory. The firefighters divvy up the property to put it out and assist if there are any survivors or victims. Sadly, one of the firefighters catches on fire from whatever accelerant was used and dies.

FBI Agent Dean brings Jane flowers and wants her to call him. Meanwhile, Maura leaves her mother with Jane’s mother and heads to work. Maura tells Jane to call Agent Dean and asks if he and Casey know each other.

Jane and Maura approach the factory and the Fire Department are all in formation as they have lost one of their own. Sad. Jane says that while they can’t do anything about budget cuts, they need to make sure there aren’t any other factors at play with regard to the fire.

The duo investigate the fire and Maura thinks it might be arson. She nags Jane into going on a date with Gabriel and even offers to take her on a double-date with her mother. Jane lays on the sarcasm with her best friend (love it!). Jane suggests that the factor’s owner burned down his own property in order to pay for five sexual harassment lawsuits that he’s been trying to fend off.

The owner of the factory is being represented by his daughter and calls himself the victim of being sued by women who keep leaving their space heaters on. He also starts commenting about the firefighter who died in the blaze, calling it his job. Jane tells Mr. Whistler that if they start digging around in his life and find anything, he’s going to wish he was on the inside of that factory when it went up. He doesn’t appreciate her tone, gets up with his daughter and they leave the interview.

Maura and her mother are walking along, having a heartfelt chat when they walk across the street and get crashed into by a car. The driver speeds off after throwing Maura’s mother on the hood and screeches off. Is Maura’s mother dead? She rushes over to check on her and starts crying.

Meanwhile, Jane is at her place getting ready for her date, wearing a red dress. She answers the door to find Gabriel there and he has brought takeout. She feels overdressed, but he just wants her to himself. Jane takes a call and rushes to the hospital to be with Maura.

At the hospital, Maura tells Jane that her mother is still in surgery but it looks bad. Maura feels so terribly because her mother pushed her out of the way, thus saving her life. Frost texts Jane that he’s working on the hit and run reenactment. Maura tells Jane to go and find whoever is responsible for this. After going over the hit and run with the guys, Jane realizes that it wasn’t an accident.

In Maura’s mother’s hospital room, Maura is surprised when a guy grabs her from behind with his hand over her mouth. It’s Maura’s real father, the murderer Paddy Doyle. He offers to tell her who her real mother is, but wants to stick around to make sure Constance is okay. She threatens to scream if he doesn’t leave. A bit later, she is joined in the room by Jane. They’re both surprised that Paddy knows Constance. Jane tells her that someone tried to kill her and they need to find out why before they try it again.

Detective Korsak comes in while Jane is talking to Frost and Frankie about the hit and run. They ran the paint through a database and are trying to figure out the make, model and year of the offending vehicle. With regard to the space heater, the detectives found all of the parts except the thermal cutoff switch. Could it have been tampered with?

Jane tells Frost and Korsak that Paddy Doyle is back in town. They suggest that he’s there to protect Maura and it could be a rival gang who did the hit and run to try and draw him out.

Later, Jane is at home when she’s greeted by Gabriel with a six pack of beer. He tells her that he came back for her and they kiss. Aww. They wake up in bed together and she says she’s got to go check on Maura. He asks if there’s anything he can do and she tells him not to be Agent Dean and just be Gabriel. Afterward, she informs him that Paddy Doyle is back in town and that the hit and run might be connected to him. He says Paddy is on the FBI’s most wanted list, but he gave her his word that he would just be him and won’t do anything until she tells him he can.

Frankie comes to the restaurant where Jane and Maura are having breakfast and he informs them that the paint matched up to Black Diamond. That color is consistent with old black police cruisers from the 1970’s, so she tells him to go to Frost and tell him that they’re looking for a 1970 Chevy Impala.

Frankie has located the car and it has already been wiped clean of prints. Maura wanted to see the car, but gets emotional and decides to go to the hospital. There, she sees that Paddy is waiting there with the on-call doctor in her mother’s room. Paddy tells Maura that he couldn’t be her father because he grew up wanting to be Irish mob just like his relatives. He tells her that her birth mother gave her up because she was only 18. Constance wakes up, telling Maura that someone was there telling her that she must live for her daughter. She asks if it was Patrick, but Maura turns around and he’s already gone.

Jane brings a circular object to Maura and asks her what it is. Maura says that she’s been looking for it and it’s the thermal cutoff switch from the space heater that caused the factory to go up in flames. It was in the car that hit Maura’s mother. Whoever tried to kill Maura also started the fire. Maura also gets the results from the lab work and learns that it was a combination of potassium permanganate along with cough syrup that caused the fire to burn hot enough to melt the firefighter’s face shield. They all come to the conclusion that someone who was in the fire with the firefighter wanted him dead. The accelerant was thrown in his face and he didn’t stand a chance.

Jane learns that the victim Craig Hill had all of his station’s files checked out right before he wound up dead. What was he about to find??? They are all discussing the fires that were started on commercial properties on Tuesdays, which is garbage day. Maura says that she checked out the files next, which made her the perp’s next victim. They agree that the perp is a firefighter and they just need to flush him out.

She goes to the Fire Department to collect forensic evidence from the city’s equipment. She tells the Fire Chief that she wants the plans for the Whistler factory. He tells her that he can’t guarantee the safety of that building, but she tells them that it’s okay and that she knows what she’s doing.

She walks through the charred remains of the building with the plans. She is interrupted by Kevin Flynn. Jane and Frost are also there with their guns drawn. He asks her if she’s looking for where Craig died and points to the spot. His grandfather fell victim to a fire after the city made some cuts, leaving them short of firefighters. He admitted to burning some buildings because of the layoffs. He tells her Craig started nosing around, just like her.

He pulls out a gun and just then Maura’s father Paddy shoots Kevin. Then, Gabriel comes out and yells for Doyle to drop his weapon. Doyle shoots at Gabriel and Jane returns the fire, shooting Doyle. Doyle falls off the balcony and is dying, saying, “Hope”. Jane takes off her jacket to put under his head and Maura yells at her not to touch him.

So, what do you do when your best friend shoots your biological father, even though he’s a murderer? Is Hope her mother’s name? What did you think of the show? We absolutely love Maura’s knowledge of useless information and Jane’s ever abundant use of sarcasm. This show is great, what a treat.

Below you can watch the video, which will bring you up to date on all things “Rizzoli & Isles”:

Based on characters created by best-selling crime novelist Tess Gerritsen, RIZZOLI & ISLES
stars Angie Harmon as Jane Rizzoli, a tough-as-nails Boston police detective, and Sasha
Alexander as Maura Isles, a smart, impeccably dressed medical examiner from a privileged
background. Despite being complete opposites, the two women share an offbeat chemistry and
strong working relationship that has helped them bust some of Boston’s most notorious criminals.

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