Rob Kardashian Only Cares About Making Socks

Rob Kardashian Only Cares About Making Socks

Rob Kardashian doesn’t care that he rose to fame as the result of his family’s reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. In fact, he really only seems to care about making his sock line, Arthur George. We’re guessing that he doesn’t wish to be associated with his family full of famewhores?

When asked about the reason why his sock line is called Arthur George, he revealed, “Arthur is my middle name, George is my dad’s middle name. I just kind of wanted to do something where you don’t just see ‘Kardashian’ everwhere.”

So basically, he is saying that the Kardashian branding is overrated, oversaturated and just for the girls in the family. He said, “I mean, it’s my thing. I don’t want anybody associating it with anybody else in my family. I feel like it has more longevity, in that sense. I’m very big on doing my own thing. I don’t really want to get into that world, necessarily.”

He added, “My job is — I make socks. That’s all I do. I don’t necessarily care about the show. I would rather film this — me doing what I do — than being around my family.”

He’s a Kardashian hater, it seems. We can only praise him for doing something other than keeping the Kardashian brand out there. Kudos.

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