Rob Kardashian’s Depression Drama Covers ‘Star’ Magazine

Rob Kardashian's Depression Drama Covers 'Star' Magazine

Rob Kardashian is featured on the cover of the latest issue of Star and it’s all about his sister Kim and her apparent hatred for her brother. According to the caption, Kim doesn’t give a cap if her brother lives or dies. That sounds about right.

Kim’s baby drama has engulfed the most recent season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and while she has been trying to get pregnant for the second time, she has no time for her brother’s drama. The magazine quotes Kim telling her brother: “I don’t care if you die!”

According to the magazine’s report, the Kardashians and Jenners have abandoned the “350 pound addict” as he was caught doing drugs and apparently stalking porn stars. We guess the life of a sock mogul isn’t going all that well for the only Kardashian son.

The magazine claims that Rob resents his mother. A source told the publication, “Rob hates the way his mom treats her children like employees. He’s so sick of playing her games – that’s why he’s trying to get away from his family.”

The spy went on to say, “Kim straight-up said if Rob won’t make an effort to save his own life, then she doesn’t care if he lives or dies either!”

Rob has vacated Khloe’s house and is spending his days at a hotel in Los Angeles where he’s been eating junk food, drinking alcohol and reportedly taking pills. The source revealed, “This is a family that prides themselves on looking perfect, but Rob is a mess.”

Even worse for the famewhoring family, Rob doesn’t want to be a part of the show’s scripted storylines any longer. The source added, “The show is scripted, and Rob is constantly going off script. He has nothing to offer but awkwardness…that’s why they left him out this time.”

Rob has had a past with drugs – reportedly, so it stands to reason that maybe an intervention could help him with his issues. Still, he definitely needs to talk to someone and get out of Los Angeles before the fame monster that is the Kardashian empire chews him up and spits him out completely. What do you think?

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