Robert Pattinson Cheating On Kristen Stewart With Sarah Roemer? (Video)

Robert Pattinson Cheating On Kristen Stewart With Sarah Roemer? (Video)

Oooh Robert Pattinson might be being a dirty dog to long-time girlfriend and movie co-star Kristen Stewart! The British actor was seen getting into a car in Los Angeles last night with a female friend by the name of Sarah Roemer! Is Rob cheating on Kristen?!?? Let’s hope not!

Here’s the video, from X17:

Rob and Sarah hit up La Poubelle bar, where they were said to be meeting up with a group of friends. If Sarah’s name sounds familiar, it’s because she starred alongside Kristen in the 2007 flick, Cutlass. She was also in Disturbia with Shia LaBeouf.

Kristen is still currently filming Snow White And The Hunstman in London.

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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