Robert Pattinson Didn’t Use Body Double For ‘Breaking Dawn’ Scenes

Robert Pattinson Didn't Use Body Double For 'Breaking Dawn' Scenes

Robert Pattinson is denying rumors that he used a body double for his sex scenes with Kristen Stewart in their upcoming movie, Breaking Dawn.

There were reports that surfaced stating that Rob used a body double because his body was looking pretty ripped in the trailer for the movie. It shows a glimpse of Bella and Edward during the consumation of their marriage.

A rep for the Twilight franchise has spoken out, saying, “A body double was not used.”

Recent rumors also have circulated suggesting that Rob is on the verge of a breakup with Kristen, because he wants to be single. A snitch said, “Rob may soon be a single man – he loves Kristen, but has suggested they have less in common. He seems to be finding the relationship tough at the moment – sometimes Kristen just wants to stay in watching films or listening to Bob Dylan. Their hectic work schedules mean they’re spending less and less time together and things seem to have become more distant between them.”

We’re going to fathom a guess that the rumors are just a bunch of hokey. Thesee two are in “it” for the remainder of the Twilight franchise, at least until their promotional duties for the second part of Breaking Dawn are finished. It remains to be seen whether or not they’ll stick together afterward.

Do you think they will?

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