Robert Pattinson doesn’t believe in cheating!

Robert Pattinson doesn't believe in cheating!

Breaking Dawn heartthrob Robert Pattinson says that he doesn’t believe in cheating in relationships! Kristen Stewart is a lucky, lucky girl! He’s good looking and loyal, you really can’t get any better than that!

In a recent interview with Italian Vanity Fair, he said that he is a one woman man. He said, “Life is not black and white…there is one thing I never understood….why people cheat.”

I agree, Rob! Why do people cheat? If you’re unhappy, then just move on. However, Rob said that he “understands the impulse.”

Still, Rob dished on his parents’ relationship, saying, “My parents met when my mom was 17 and my father 25, they are still together and seem very happy. I grew up believing that you can be together all of your life.”

According to a snitch on the set of the upcoming movie, Robsten has been “inseparable” during the filming and are “as happy as ever together.”

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  • Carolyn martinez

    There are no words to describe Robert, except to say he is a treasure amoung men…And i know a man can be as genuine, faithful, and as beautiful as Robert is inside and out, for i was married to one of these treasures. For 16 1/2 years, until my wonderful husband , and my children’s amazing father passed away. We wouid be celebrating 22 years, this year, and yes, still happy. Robert again, there really are no words to descride your beauty, except to say you remind me of the two most beloved men in my world, my husband, and my dear, dear father, who i also lost. No wonder i am in such adoration of you. First your music, Twilight was for my kids, then your other wonderful movies, and now your surreal personality, that can’t help but be, the most genuine in all aspects. You are a true gentlrman, still with that sense of mystic. James Dean cool, and Jeff Bridges lovely…And the biggest compliment i can give to you, is that you remind me of the two most beloved men in my life, who again, i have both lost, my hubby and my own dear , dear father. I am in complete awe, and adoration of you, especially, not only because you do not hesitate to srate you beliefs, but you so obviously come across as living by them. You are truly one in a million, actually three in a million…And i have been fortunate enough to adore you all. Thank you for giving us back the “gentleman” with mystic, and exrodinary morals, that i believe people do wish was a norm in this frivilious world. A faithful fan. carolyn.

  • Arkansas

    Carolyn, you are right. Robert is a treasure. Some lady will be lucky to be his wife and the mother of his children some day.