Robert Pattinson doesn’t mind working with poop

Robert Pattinson doesn't mind working with poop

Breaking Dawn actor Robert Pattinson says that he doesn’t mind one bit working with poop! Where did that come from?!??

In a new interview, he talked about working with the elephant Tai on his new movie, Water For Elephants. He said, “I don’t mind working with poop at all. I have a natural propensity to work on big piles of poop. I’m very familiar with it. I don’t know why I wasn’t grossed out by it, at all. Because everything felt so authentic all the time, you just accept it, as part of the world.”

When he was asked about his relationship with Tai, he said, “I think I had a relationship with the elephant, but it was based purely on candy. I strategically placed mints. I’d suck a peppermint for a bit, and then stick it onto my body, under my armpits and covering my entire chest, and not tell anyone.”

He added, “So, every single time, the elephant would be constantly sniffing me and I’d be like, ‘I don’t know, she just really likes me. It’s crazy!’ But I think she was just sniffing around for a treat.”

Too funny.

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