Robert Pattinson Gains Weight Following Twilight Movies

Robert Pattinson Gains Weight Following Twilight Movies

Robert Pattinson must be grateful that he doesn’t have to show off his abs for the Twilight franchise anymore. So much, in fact, that he’s said to be piling on the pounds.

Filming for the final installment of the vampire franchise has already wrapped, even though it won’t be seen in theaters until December of 2012. But Rob is happy that he will no longer have to shed his shirt and show off his sparkles.

A source said, “He ultimately lost the battle to keep himself in buff condition and started sneaking his favorite treats.”

I guess he had to stop snacking on junk food so that he could get buff for the shirtless, sparkly scenes?

The source went on to say, “By the last week of the shoot, Rob had gained so much that they had to keep making the beach scenes darker and darker so you couldn’t see his beer belly.”

We’re not buying the hype, are you? We don’t think his girlfriend, Kristen Stewart, would put up with that mess for too long before she would say something about the chunk. What do you think?

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