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Robert Pattinson Gearing Up For New Surfing Movie?

Robert Pattinson Gearing Up For New Surfing Movie?

Is Robert Pattinson working on his paddle boarding skills for an upcoming movie venture?

The Twilight actor was spotted paddle boarding in Malibu again, but he’s definitely a far cry from being a master of the waves. He was said to be crashing into the surf time and time again. Poor guy. Is this how he lets off steam?

He was photographed recently wiping out as he worked on his technique with a friend. Earlier this week, it was said that Rob’s girlfriend Kristen Stewart had ordered him to lose ten pounds. He was said to have gained weight after completing filming for Breaking Dawn and she wanted him to take it back off.

Speaking of Breaking Dawn, Rob and Kristen had to go back in for some re-shoots for the movie’s final installment.

Is Rob gearing up to do a movie about surfing and paddle boarding? Would you go see that in the theater?

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