Robert Pattinson Intimidates Other Men With His Sexual Skills

Robert Pattinson Intimidates Other Men With His Sexual Skills

Breaking Dawn actor Robert Pattinson says that other men often find his superior skills in the sack to be intimidating!

He said that he credits the newest installment of the vampire movies with making it look like he’s a sexual tomcat! He said, “When you have an entire sequence in a movie saying how great you are in bed, that’s definitely not a bad thing.”

He went on to say, “It’s not pressure on me — it’s pressure on everybody else!”

I guess if you break a bed in a movie, everyone is bound to think that a romp in the sack with that person would produce the same results. Sorry Twi-hards, it’s probably not THAT great. Anyone want to test that theory and get back to us?

It was also said that some moviegoers experienced seizures while watching the birthing scene in the movie.

Have you seen Breaking Dawn yet? If so, what did you think? What were your thoughts on the birth scene? Was it weird? Did it give you seizures? What about the honeymoon sex scene? Was it that good? Was your man intimidated by Rob’s ability to break stuff (ie: the bed)?

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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