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Robert Pattinson Is Addicted To Gossip

Robert Pattinson Is Addicted To Gossip

Robert Pattinson refuses to give up the goods with regard to his personal life with Kristen Stewart, but he sure doesn’t mind reading about himself in gossip magazines. So hey Rob — if you’re reading this, we thought the “Twilight” movies sucked. Oh yeah, and grow your hair out already, we don’t care for that shorter haired look. Anything fans want to say to Rob directly? It’s very possible that he’s reading this now. Earsucker prides itself on being a Google News source, so if he’s got himself on Google Alerts, he will see this article.

News about Rob and Kristen’s relationship struggles reached a fever pitch when she publicly apologized for her indiscretions with Rupert Sanders. When speaking with George Stephanopolous on “Good Morning America”, Rob said that he has “never been interested in trying to sell” the details of his personal life. Now, he says that is always reading what’s being written about him and calls his love of gossip an “addiction.”

When speaking with the “Chicago Sun-Times”, he revealed, “Yeah, I read it. It’s my life. You sort of want to read it. You feel like you need to read it. It’s one of those things where you keep picking the scab. You know you shouldn’t be doing it. But it’s a weird kind of addiction. You desperately want to stop.”

Earsucker.com — being that scab that you want to pick at since 2006. Hi Rob!

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